FSC White Teak Plantation

In 1989 Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd. (KFPL), Solomon Islands' largest sustainable re-afforestation project, established a sustainable plantation estate on Kolombangara Island.

Today KFPL, holding the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification since 1998, is a joint venture between the Nien family and the Solomon Island Government. KFPL is committed to the practice of responsible sustainable forest management and to support the living standards of the local communities on Kolombangara. In terms of sustainable tropical forestry practice, KFPL therefore is a role model for other natural resource companies and organisations within the South Pacific.

On Kolombangara KFPL nurtures several protected forests as well as a plantation area of 14,330 ha planted with mixed indigenous and exotic commercial wood species including White Teak. Due to the local environment, White Teak generates good growth rates and finest quality of the timber including a beautiful silvery color, tight grains and high dimensionally stability.